Injury causes abandonment

17 Nov 2019 in Match Reports

Wounded Wilson causes game to be abandoned

A forceful challenge towards Town winger, Tom Wilson, caused the match to be abandoned on the 75th minute, despite Wythenshawe leading at that point, 2-0.

A first half goal from Will Shawcross gave Town the lead over local rivals, West Didsbury and Chorlton, but closer to half-time Jack Timmons was sent off for a double yellow leaving the home side a man down.

However, this did not stop a resilient Wythenshawe side who continued to be the better team despite playing with one man less, as Kial Callacher doubled the lead from a corner.

But, as the game approached the 75th minute, matters got more serious.

Tom Wilson and Christopher Middleton were both going for the ball, but the West man's challenge with studs showing caught Wilson’s knee, when they had both slid to the ground.

The tackle was only deemed serious enough for a yellow card, but it was an injury that caused match abandonment after 75 minutes of play – the extent of the injury is yet to be confirmed.

The result is yet to be determined.


-       Edward Hardy


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