Jamal Branker signs for Town

30 Jul 2019 in News

Jamal Branker signs

Jamal Branker is the latest name to be added to Kinsey and Whiteside’s growing squad list as he aims to bolster the attacking prowess of Town’s frontline.


The versatile winger has been quick to impose himself on the field and impress the coaching staff as he netted in his first game against Heywood St James in a comprehensive 4-0 victory.


“Pre-season was tough as always but the feeling knowing that by the end of it I’ll be in better condition ready for the season, you just can’t beat that. It’s been hard physically and mentally but I’m sure it’ll be worth it come the start of the season.


“I’m back doing the only thing I knew and grew up loving and that’s playing football. Back in the environment that I’ve missed for the last three seasons due to different circumstances, but I’m back now and with the staff and players that I can trust and enjoy myself again with them, it just made sense.”


The comradery in the dressing room has been a key factor for the new signings settling in at Ericstan Park and Branker is no exception as he has united with some rivals of old.


“There’s a few familiar faces that I’ve played against and within the past, so that made it a bit easier as well and I just think that we can build and achieve things if with apply ourselves like I’ve seen glimpses of in pre-season.


“The key now is to get a consistency of performances every game and help contribute with goals and assist which I know will come. And who knows what can happen, we just need to take each game as it comes.”


Manager James Kinsey has been full of praise for the 24-year old former Southampton man and has already paid tribute to his temperament both on and off the pitch.


“It was a bit of a funny one with Jamal coming in. He’s quite well known and I didn’t know what to expect with him in terms of his personality. I’ve got to know him quite well over this past few weeks and he is a top, top lad.


“He just wants to get back playing regularly and enjoying his football. In the game against Heywood he was unplayable in stages. He’s got a great delivery and knows where the net is so we are obviously happy to have him with us.


The boss also mentioned the added value Branker brings to Wythenshawe Town’s set up as a whole by acting as a role model for developing talents.


“He’s got experience of being in professional environments from his time with Southampton so that will help some of the younger lads too.”


The first game against Sandbach will soon be upon Town which will be the perfect time for the fresh flanker to showcase his flair.


-Harry Shephard


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