Kinsey's at the wheel!

07 May 2022 in News

Kinsey's at the wheel! Kinsey's at the wheel!

Manager James Kinsey has signed a contract which will keep him at the club until May 2024.

After a record breaking season, Chairman Chris Eaton and fellow board members made it an objective to tie down the manager with a mindset of pushing on once more.

The club Chairman spoke about how happy he was to tie down Kinsey, and says it is an important move in the clubs quest to continue progressing.

"We have had an exceptional season. Attendances have never been so good, everybody who has a role at the club is in sync, we are regularly working closely with the local community, we have an unbelievable playing squad - who have achieved magnificent things this season - and we have exciting plans to build on these fantastic factors. Kinsey is a major part of that and I am delighted to be able to ensure we have his services until atleast 2024.

"We have a real following now and they have asked the question every week since January on whether we would be looking to get this done, of course it has always been our plan, so I am certain they will be delighted with the news. They are fantastic and they really are a part of everything that we do. We have a new season around the corner and we aren't going to be looking to make up the numbers. With the sides coming in to the league things won't be easy, but we are looking to go about our business again and have another fantastic season."

James Kinsey was also delighted and excited for what this next two years hold. By the time this agreement ends, Kinsey will have been at the club for six years, and he cannot wait to see what the club can achieve.

"We have just had an unbelievable season. This allows everybody to have a clear mindset and plan over this next two seasons without any distractions. To go so far in The FA Vase, and miss out on the promotion spot by one point, was a fantastic effort, but we are now in the process of building for next season and looking at ways in which we can improve, not only on the pitch, but off it too.”

As well as this fantastic news, we are also in a position to announce our new Football Committee. The committee will include both Club Chairman, Chris Eaton and Manager, James Kinsey, but will also include Andy Snape. Andy is a familiar face around the club that has been a tremendous supporter and club committee member, but he will also take up a new role as Match Day Operations Manager, so be sure to give him a shout for any of your needs on match days. Completing the group and Chairing the Football Committee is Club Director, Nigel Jones.

Whilst the current board structure remains in place, this will be a committee that focuses on football related aspects only, with a view to constantly progressing the club. Between all four they will be looking to create a better match day experience for supporters, whilst improving the standards of the club to enable us to be efficient both on, and off the pitch.

Speaking of the new committee, Kinsey says it will allow for the club to progress a with a clear and precise plan.

"We have signings lined up and they will be revealed in the coming weeks, but we also have exciting plans for off the pitch. We have a rapidly growing fan base that will have expectations when they come to Ericstan Park. At present there has been no real process to allow us to work closely on improvements as a club. The new committee allows us to put plans in motion and actively progress them with a hard focus on making Wythenshawe Town a club that all of our community want to be a part of. That work starts today. We are excited for what the future holds and we will be looking to have a number of new things in place by the time a ball is kicked in July."

With the fantastic news breaking today, along with season ticket prices being released on Tuesday, there really is no better time to get on board.

Let’s do it together!


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