Risk Assessment - Covid guidelines

14 Aug 2020 in News

Risk Assessment - Covid guidelines Risk Assessment - Covid guidelines

Wythenshawe Town FC have today published their COVID-19 risk assessment in line with FA and Government guidelines.

The risk assessment will be reviewed and updated as required.

We hope that these measures will bring back a safe return to football for all and we request everyone follows the protocols.




Activity Workplace: Sports Arena and changing rooms during COVID- 19 



Review Date: 25/07/2020

Next Review Date: 25/08/2020




Initial risk


Action plan

Residual risk

Details of hazard

Who is affected and how?



Risk L/M/H

What controls are already in place?

Action required

By whom?

By when



Risk L/M/H

Infectious Diseases – COVID-19

All Players, Coaches, Officials, Supporters, Visitors.

Death or serious






All persons, coaches, players, and officials are told to self-test for COVID-19 symptoms before any visit to the club.

Individuals are told not go to the club if they are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a persistent cough, loss of taste or a high temperature


If any of these symptoms are present, they are told to self-isolate and consult the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice.

Social distancing where possible with individuals not from same household, with 1 metre plus as per government guidance, this includes on and off the pitch.

All coaches must communicate with the club prior to play to arrange a suitable time to attend the site and play. To ensure there is no crowding onsite.

Co-operation between the coaches to ensure there is an equal and fair use of the facilities

Equipment must be cleaned before and after use and limited to use by just those persons who need to use it. Use only essential equipment. Non-essential equipment should not be used in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Travel to the facility on your own or with members of your own household only – do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household.

Hand sanitiser must be made available for before and after play. Sanitiser must also be used to clean equipment before use.

Where possible persons must dress appropriately before they get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes.

Club officials must keep all members updated on the COVID-19 developments, with regards to the club. 

Persons must not shake hands before or after a game – strictly adhere to the social distancing rule of 1 plus metres apart.

Use of the showers should be avoided where possible and persons are advised to shower at home after activities have finished

The club must visibly display the Covid-19 guidelines provided by NGB’s and the government.

Monitoring from the COVID-19 Officer and the Club Officials to ensure the policy and controls are being adhered to.


Keep updated with the National Governing Bodies guidance and amend the risk assessment where necessary

Club Officials, Employees, Coaches, Medical Staff, Players.






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