Season build-up: Kinsey lays out his plans

24 Jun 2019 in News

Kinsey discusses the upcoming campaign

With preparations for the upcoming campaign underway and pre-season fixtures on the horizon, manager James Kinsey reflects on the successes of last year and how he can implement what he has learned into his managerial arsenal for 2019/20.

Wythenshawe Town thrived in their first season at semi-pro under the fresh leadership of Kinsey alongside Dan Whiteside and the man at the helm described the challenges that came with a complete squad overhaul and change in mentality.


“I’d say it has been frustrating. We came in to get the club over the line in the Cheshire league to guarantee a promotion spot. We then sat down last summer and decided to start from scratch.


“The only player that we kept from the squad we inherited was Gav Salmon. Wholesale changes were needed but it quickly become apparent that it was going to take some time to get to the levels we expected.


“Things don’t happen overnight in football and I think that showed in our levels of consistency before Christmas. The target was top eight last season and a consistent run in the new year saw us achieve that comfortably.


“The club’s in fantastic shape now. We’ve got very ambitious plans and these are exciting times for us.”


The shift from amateur to semi-pro has taught the Town boss a lot about his own abilities as a coach and how to adapt to the vast number of nuances that vary with each individual game.


“Last year was a huge learning curve for me personally. My perception on how to win matches at this level has changed massively.


“I think I was the youngest manager in the league last season so it was important that we made marginal gains on teams who may have managers that are experienced in this league who know the little details, like knowing certain pitches before arriving or knowing about players that have played in this league for a few years. These things make big differences.”


The mentality of the players is vitally important alongside physical strength but Kinsey appears to have no concern over the will power of his squad.


“The players will always run through brick walls for us and you can’t buy that. There were some improvements needed to the squad but the current batch are in very good shape to take us forward.”


Kinsey’s meticulous planning and ruthless decision making have continued as he looks to further enrich this growing squad with more talent and strength in depth.


“We’ve made six signings. We’ve let a couple go too. But retaining the lads we wanted too is our biggest achievement this summer.


“I spoke earlier about wholesale changes causing frustrations. We don’t need to go throwing those lads straight into the mix. Easing them in during pre-season will be perfect for us.


“We finished strongly at the back end of the season and it’s about improving in areas that need improving. I believe we’ve done that.”


Changes on the field haven’t been Town’s only concern this pre-season as the backroom staff received a new lease of life with the signing of the vastly experienced first team coach, Tom Conroy to build on last season’s progress.


“Tom is a good character. The lads seem to have taken to him well. It was important that we brought in a coach so we can assess the finer details during sessions. He’s a great coach and he’s got good ideas.


“He’s said about getting the balls out for a couple of sessions in pre-season so he must be trying to win them over! But in all seriousness, he can only benefit us moving forwards.”


Kinsey revealed his ambitions of promotion this season and knows that there is no room for complacency within his ranks.


“We need to work hard every week and the rewards will come. Last season showed that anybody could go up this year. Everybody was beating everybody until around February time. It’s a really difficult league to be in. You’ve got to be at your best every single week.”


Kinsey has acknowledged and praised the immense support Town received last season with 584 people coming to watch the derby against Wythenshawe Amateurs alone and he urges fans to continue in that vein.


“You wouldn’t believe how much those numbers could benefit a side. It gives lads that extra ten percent.


“There’s over one hundred thousand people that live in Wythenshawe so the potential is massive. Hopefully the locals can keep getting behind us and keep pushing us to be a success. It doesn’t go unnoticed.”


Pre-season fixtures commence on the 6th of July with an outing to AFC Monton, to begin piecing together the final plans for the 2019/20 campaign.


-Harry Shephard


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