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14 Jan 2019 in News

WTFC presented the Age Friendly Manchester Charter

The first home match of 2019 at Wythenshawe Town Football Club saw the Lord Mayor June Hitchin present an award to the club. 

The stalwarts of the club, and the back bone to the upkeep of the grounds and club fellowship, received a framed Age Friendly Manchester Older Peoples Charter on behalf of the club. The award was accepted by Billy Moore and Peter Birch original first team members and present day grounds men. The club is recognised as an organisation that can see the potential and diverse skills older people possess. Billy and Peter represented the skills, strength, capacity and devotion older members have for the club. WTFC prides itself on the contributions that older people make to the success of the club.

Chris Easton the Chair of WTFC " We feel that our older members contribute their long accumulated knowledge, experiences and wisdom to this club. They are important because they have much to teach us and we have much to learn in terms of self respect and discipline in sport. We are proud that we are a club that is built on a heritage of local football for local people of all ages. The Age Friendly home match is our way of connecting to the wider older community and encouraging them to share their sports history, skills and qualifications with the younger generations of Wythenshawe. It's all about ageing positively through sport."

One of the recipients, Billy Moore, has been associated with the club for over 50 years and even has a stand named after him. The Billy Moore stand will welcome older people once a month to a home game and the invitation is extended to their carers or family members who may accompany them. The club has been working in partnership with Wythenshawe Good Neighbours to develop an age friendly strategy around the relationship between the club's older members and wider Wythenshawe community. If anyone is interested in the Age Friendly home matches please contact Marie Greenhalgh to book your seats. Mobile 07875286866 Email: or Sam 07816960025

WTFC - Amazing Greys

As part of the Age Friendly Manchester strategy Wythenshawe Town Football Club has adopted, they host a regular lunch in partnership with Wythenshawe Good Neighbours. Every Thursday from 12.30 til 2pm the club is open to anyone in the community that would like to find out how they can use their skills and qualifications, their spare time and talents and become more involved in the community. Why not pop in for a chat and start the conversation about how amazing our senior community really are. What services would you like to see in place? Have you a particular local issue you want to deal with? Would you like to lead on a community lunch? Volunteer as a companion? Would you like to join trips to seaside resorts and other places of interest at affordable prices? Join in socials, courses, plan activity, you would like to see delivered in your area. If you are interested in the community lunch just drop in, no need to book a place, and meet other amazing greys. Contact Marie for more information Mobile: 07875286866 or Sam 07816960025 


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