Town build connection with local school

22 Nov 2019 in News

Rack House watch Wythy

Rack House Primary School were treated to matchday hospitality to watch Wythenshawe Town take on West Didsbury and Chorlton, in an attempt to build further links with the local community.


Whilst the game was ultimately cut short for an injury, Town continue to make progress off the pitch in a combined effort to promote the profile of local football clubs to children.

The pupils of Rack House, located in Wythenshawe, were treated to pre-match food before heading out to show their support – a chant of “Brad Byrne runs down the wing” was seemingly popular with the children.

The school’s assistant head teacher, Sarah Conway, believes it is key to build opportunities by showing its pupils who their local club is.

“It is an effort to build some community links between Wythenshawe Town Football Club and the school itself.

“They weren’t really familiar with it at all, so I think it’s important the kids know what their local football club is so that they can come down and show support.

“It’s about giving the children opportunities and letting them see that they are out there, so that’s why it’s important to build these sort of links – they were really interested in the fact that they can have a day job and get paid to play football” she said.

Whilst the children can occasionally go watch Premier League football, they can live the experience week in, week out at Ericstan Park for a cheap price – something which the school intend to keep promoting.

“We’re hoping now that this means the children will want to come down again with their families, so it’s helping the club build more of a support base and making it more of a family club.

“We will intend on doing this a couple times a season from now on with different groups of children and the same if they’d like to come again” she said.

But this is a link that will work both ways with Sarah welcoming the opportunity for Town’s chairman, Chris Eaton, to visit the school.

“There’s certainly that opportunity, if we want to build those links and raise the public profile of the club with the children in Wythenshawe, then of course there’ll be that opportunity as well” she said.


-       Edward Hardy


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