Town delivering free packed lunches

25 Oct 2020 in News

No child should go hungry

In light of the recent travesty that is the government’s decision to block free school meal vouchers for hungry children in need, we at Wythenshawe Town have decided to take action.

We will be delivering a free packed lunch to children in the local area who may be missing out on school meals during this half term in the hope that we can give back something to our incredible community.


If your child will be needing a lunch at any point during the next week, email or direct message us on our social media platforms, completely confidentially and we will be happy to deliver to your address within the local area.


No child should ever have to go hungry and we are here to help in these most difficult of circumstances.


Please get in touch via or our social media platforms and provide:

- Your address

- Age of your child

- A contact number

- Any dietary requirements your child may have


We are with you.


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