Wright at home

02 May 2020 in News

Wright at home

With the world ultimately at a standstill, we decided to check in on our player of the season, Jerome Wright to see how he’s spending his time in lockdown.

“I’m coping pretty well at the minute. I don't mind a little time off work. Horrible circumstances but trying to enjoy it as when I’m in work, I’m always moaning that I’d love a couple of weeks off to chill."


As Wright has been forced to put his footballing abilities on the back burners for now, he’s been busy adding a new set of skills to his roster.


“I’m doing everything and anything, we bought a new house the week before this all started so I was busy unpacking but currently I'm doing all sorts between cooking, baking, learning Spanish, Netflix documentaries and daily exercise as I’ve bought loads of equipment for the garden."


So, just how difficult is it staying physically sharp during times like this?


“Staying fit is pretty easy, I’m active anyway, so it’s just about ticking over for now until pre-season is here – not doing anything too tough yet!


“When we were still unsure of what was going to happen, the Gaffers had given us a few instructions and targets - around three runs per week but now it’s likely to be delayed. We've eased off a bit and it’s just up to us to be sensible really until anybody knows more."


Wright makes no secret of wanting to play at Ericstan again but for now he’s making the most of his time to recuperate from what was a demanding and gruelling season.


“I’m missing football a lot but I try not to dwell on that too much as when you’re in the middle of the season playing twice a week and you’re tired, bored, injured or not playing well, you just need a break so have to try to enjoy time away."


Still hungry as ever, Wright hasn’t taken his eyes off the prize that may yet be in the offing for Wythy Town next season.


“The targets for next season haven’t changed. We want to win the league and win all cup competitions we're in.”


-Harry Shephard


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