Season Curtailed - Managers Thoughts

26 Feb 2021 in News

Season Curtailed - Managers Thoughts Season Curtailed - Managers Thoughts

"There's no point dwelling on it. It is what it is."

On Wednesday evening, The FA announced that the 2020/21 season has been curtailed. On the back of an unbelievable start, which had seen seven wins from seven games, twenty nine goals scored and just three goals conceded, Manager James Kinsey might be forgiven for feeling robbed for a second year running. But the twenty eight year old says there is no point in dwelling on the disappointment. 

"Of course we are disappointed. We feel like two years progress have been lost on the pitch. The lads have run themselves into the ground to become the side they are. They've got absolutely nothing to show for it and I can assure you, nobody outside of the club is going to give them the credit they deserve. But we will gain nothing from moping around about the fact we feel we've done enough over the last two years to deserve a promotion. There's no point in dwelling on it. It is what it is."

Whilst the 2019/20 season was made null and void, the decision has been made to curtail the 2020/21 season. The FA have said they are going to look into the restructure process which has previously been agreed. This could mean a change of leagues for some clubs but Kinsey is preparing for whatever comes in August.

"I've not really got a clue on all of that to be honest. If they do the restructure then we will be all ears on how it may effect us. But until then we will just keep moving forwards to be ready for whatever comes our way in August."

Off the pitch there is lots going on. With the next phase of ground developments due to start on March 8th, Kinsey is proud of how far the club has come in recent years. 

"The club has come a long way over the past three years since we joined. There's a togetherness here where everybody has a great relationship. Bar staff, media lads, players, kit man, anybody, we're all in it together. We have regular supporters now and hit the maximum limit of three hundred for every home game before the season was stopped. You can't buy all of that and the disappointment of the past two years have made all of that stronger. The chairman and the board are doing a great job to build a strong structure off the pitch too. We've got a club full of people who are all rowing from the same boat and that can only be a positive."

With the 2021/22 season not due to start until August, we could all do with some competetive football to pass the time and the manager has said there is a plan in motion.

"We're chatting with a couple of other clubs about a small competition in April and May to keep the lads ticking over. We may not be allowed crowds in but it's important the lads get some games in to make sure we aren't having too much of a break before pre season starts in the summer. Hopefully we will get all of that boxed in the next week and we will have something to look forward to."

Whilst the new season looks a while off yet, we are hopeful we can welcome you back to Ericstan Park soon. Until then, keep safe and thank you for your fantastic support. 


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